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Miltex Solutions Canada was established in April 2014. We are a Controlled Goods registered company and operate under a proven Quality Plan. The Senior Management of a pre-existing Canadian Parachute Company are continuing the unique product support to our Canadian Military and Militaries around the world that require aerial delivery products. Located in Trenton, ON which is close to the largest Air Base in Canada, we provide technical support, repair and overhaul and manufacturing of military textiles and mechanical devices. Our President, Mr. Guy Plamondon is retired from the Canadian Forces and brings specialized knowledge of military kit and product requirements. We specialize in customizing kit to suit the needs of all users and their deployment requirements for safety and efficiency. If you require a solution to a deficiency, or want an improvement to existing kit, we can engineer that for you. Understanding our customers and their needs, along with required quality given the nature of these products is the reasons for our success. Support Military troops with quality kit is our only mission.

Guy Plamondon

With over 35 years in the parachute industry with the military and more recently as Operations Manager for Canada’s largest military parachute manufacturer serving the Canadian Military and many other Military customers around the globe, Guy has the experience to lead Miltex through its Start-up and growth in manufacturing and R&D endeavors.


Repair and Overhaul

Sewing and Textiles

Research and Development

Mechanisms and Devices
Miltex Solutions Canada provides a wide variety of services and products related to military applications for governments and clients around the world. With an emphasis on quality and a clear understanding of our client’s needs, we are able to successfully deliver textile and mechanical products to fulfill multiple project requirements in a cost-effective and timely manner.

Repair and Overhaul

Miltex presently performs Repair & Overhaul for military Aviation Life Support Equipment (ALSE) items as well as soft wall shelter products. We investigate, recommend and design processes for repair of any textile product as our client’s may require. Our facility is prepared to receive large or small shipments and our highly trained technicians provide fast-response and adaptive thinking to resolve issues to our high quality standards.

Sewing and Textiles

Our sewing technicians have manufactured highly complex textile items including personnel and cargo parachutes. Miltex manufactures, designs, and tests both textile and hardware components suited to specialized applications for military use across the full spectrum of operations, including: major air disaster, military strategic/operational sustainment, military tactical re-supply, humanitarian aid, and arctic sovereignty operations. Products ranging from Ejection Seat components, air droppable rescue kits and safety harnesses, to soft walled shelter systems and police force tactical pouches.

Research and Development

Our team has military and commercial experience in design and customization of textile and mechanical products. We specialize in aerial delivery products for military applications. With a broad range of experience we are able to provide innovative and experienced solutions to even the most complex of problems. Call our office to see how we can help solve your challenges to make your missions successful!

Mechanisms and Devices

Our mechanical technicians have many years of experience in manufacturing, investigations, and repairs of aerial delivery mechanisms and devices. Testing, trouble shooting and investigation reports are provided to a multitude of customers on mechanical devices used in Air Deployments of both personnel and cargo drop mission kits.

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Contact us to find out how we can help you with your project. Our highly motivated and skilled team is ready to work with you to provide a quality, tested, and approved solution for your needs.

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